Author: Zachary Greenberg

I am a former student at Yeshiva University majoring in Business Intelligence with a double minor in Finance and Psychology. There, I served as the student body president of the Yeshiva Student Union. I have always been passionate about technology, and thrive tackling problem-solving situations. I am well-versed in R, SQL, Python, and VBA and enjoy working on meaningful projects utilizing those skills. I am an avid runner and serve as the track coach for my alma mater high school, Torah Academy of Bergen County, and I am also the former Captain of YU's Cross Country team. I am currently a Health & Benefits Analyst for the Morristown, New Jersey office of Mercer. I support clients with claims reporting, marketing requests, benchmarking, and vendor communications. I work with clients of all sizes from under 500 employees to over 10,000. Additionally, I am a writer for The Jewish Link, and I cover travel articles on fun things to do in the New Jersey area. I am also an editor for the paper’s holiday travel guides. Recently, I joined the team of TV and City where I write movie reviews. On the content creator side, I have a Youtube channel with nearly 750 subscribers.
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Simchas and Sorrows (2022) – Review

Simchas and Sorrows is available on all VOD platforms. By Zachary Greenberg With the major Jewish holiday season rolling up with the festivals of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, it is fitting that the […]