Museum of Feelings

In Battery Park, a colorful temporary exhibit has been mesmerizing New Yorkers since Nov. 24. The Museum of Feelings connects scents and colors to different emotions. While the installment explores the link between scent and emotion, the pop-up also boasts incredible visual displays inside.

The exhibition is made up of five separate rooms, with pathways connecting them. Each is named after a feeling and paired with a nice aroma. Optimistic, Joyful, Invigorated, Exhilarated and Calm are the emotions they selected. The smells were sweet, although more noticeable in specific areas. Upon entering Exhilarated, you can almost feel the blooming cherry.
Each feeling has its own unique design. Joyful, the second room, is set up like a forest, with a path cut through glowing green vines hanging from the ceiling. Optimistic and Invigorated seem very bland, while the rest are delightfully abstract art.

Between each section a staff member, dressed in a black and white costume, will explain the upcoming feeling and how the scent relates to it.

If you were not already aware, the Museum of Feelings was sponsered by Glade in a cunning marketing move. This is only apparent at a counter before the exit, where you can purchase scented candles (based on the rooms) for $9. Glade has been very successful with this stunt, as the hashtag #MuseumOfFeelings has countless posts on all forms of social media. In fact, that seems to be the reason attendees were flocking to the location; there are great selfie opportunities.

imageI would just like to note that our team received press access to the museum, and we cannot recommend waiting on the sometimes 4 hour wait. It’s a cool pop-up that will make your Instagram friends jealous, but standing around waiting for what is essentially a commercial seems like a waste of your time.