Museum of Failure

By Elazar Abrahams

Nestled in Brooklyn’s Industry City, the Museum of Failure is taking pop-up exhibitions to a whole new level. In the Instagram age, the word “museum” has been used rather liberally. Instead of an institution housing objects of any cultural significance whatsoever, the once sacred label has come to mean a collection of photo-ops, a grouping of bright colored aesthetically pleasing rooms that scream to be hashtagged. The Museum of Ice Cream, Pizza, Feelings, and many more come to mind. With their often steep ticket pricing, visitors can leave feeling disappointing at the lack of actual content present aside from flashy design.

Thankfully, the Museum of Failure is so much more than that. Sure, there are interactive elements that would look great on your story, but the traveling attraction functions as a true museum, with loads of artifacts highlighting history’s most epic product fails in all sorts of sectors. From a Cabbage Patch Kid that accidentally bit children’s’ fingers to Hooters airlines to Facebook’s attempt to start its own currency, the range is astounding and hilarious. The space is divided well amongst the floor, and you can explore in any order and at your own pace. Each item has a helpful description for context and the whole experience really does feel like a true museum.

The Museum of Failure recently extended its stay in the Big Apple through June 18, with press reps noting that it had “failed to fail.” Tickets are around $20, a reasonable bang for your buck. Check this one out! You’ll spend about an hour seeing some of the wackiest objects imaginable (why did Colgate ever think it should branch out into beef lasagna?) and you can pair the trip with a walk through Industry City itself, a super trendy warehouse complex where you’re sure to find a bunch of awesome shops to wander into, plus sculptures and murals galore.

The experience is a great activity for families, professional groups, associations, and university classes. With graduations around the corner and other annual celebrations (think Mother’s and Father’s Day!), an exhibit like this is a can’t-miss, especially considering its location. Nestled within Industry City, groups can explore a variety of restaurants, bars, and other establishments to make a day of the experience.

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