Riverdale: “The River’s Edge” – Opinion

Riverdale airs Thursday nights, 9pm, on The CW.

I have no problem with taking a concept or franchise and making it dark. I understand that this is the point of Riverdale, as the premiere gives off a very Twin Peaks vibe. But Archie doesn’t need this. It is the most cheerful comic out there and this show does it a disservice.

Adaptation wise, Riverdale is a disaster. Of course changes needed to be made, but as you’ll see when watching, the writers have “CWed” the Archie gang up to the max. Who in their right mind thought that Ms. Grundy should be portrayed as a hot, young teacher? You would have to be insane to believe that Ms. Grundy and Archie were in a romantic relationship.

Some creative choices are necessary. Reggie is Asian to add some diversity to the cast. On the other hand, you have Jughead being played by either Zack or Cody (I’m still not sure which one is which). Archie’s father Fred may be cheating with the mothers of Betty and Veronica (WHAT IS HAPPENING!?). Most alarming of all, Archie’s hair is not bright red.

I will not rate this show on the basis that I refuse to believe that it exists.




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