The Detour: Season 2 – Review

Season Two of The Detour premieres tonight, February 21st, 10pm on TBS.

The Detour‘s first season ended on a high, leaving me anticipating its return. It was one of the funniest comedies on TV, I wish more people had watched it. The humor may be immature, but sometimes we all need a break from serious dramas or dark ‘comedies’ like Transparent. Luckily, season 2 is more of the same questionable parenting and terrible decisions by the Parkers. The premiere sees the whole family relocating from Syracuse to New York City, opening the door for more hilarious mishaps in the Big Apple. Judging by the six episodes screened for critics, this sophomore season will definitely satisfy fans.

While all the core four characters are great, Nate is my favorite. He never knows whether to cry or knock a person out if they come at his family in any way. Jason Jones (who also serves as executive producer) really deserves to be on some “Best TV Dads” lists for this role.

The overarching storyline follows Nate and Robin’s police interrogation. Each part of the interrogation becomes a humorous flashback to explain the couple’s answers.

Some jokes just didn’t work for me, like the home-birth plot in episode three. Delilah acting like a chicken was also a low point. Nevertheless, The Detour remains an enjoyable laugh-fest for those looking for lighter programming.

I give The Detour Season 2 a B+.