Me, Myself & I: Season 1 – Time Periods RANKED

Me, Myself & I airs Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

The new sitcom Me, Myself & I is, if nothing else, unique. The show follows Alex Riley through three stages of his life: his childhood, middle age, and his senior years. The story lines always tie together with a common theme, showing how lessons learned earlier in life affect Alex in the future.

This premise means three different stars: John Larroquette, Bobby Moynihan, and Jack Dylan Grazer all play Alex. Here, we rank the appeal of all the show’s pieces from worst to best based on the first few episodes.

3) Age 65

Alex is finally successful after years of failed inventions, but he still has not found love. These stories take place in 2042 so expect a lot of “we’re in the future” jokes. Unfortunately, John Larroquette trots out a stale performance that drags down the scenes. Although he is a veteran TV actor, Larroquette is simply unfunny and a bore to watch.

2) Age 40

Bobby Moynihan does a great job as an Alex down in the dumps. He’s recently divorced, trying to connect with his daughter, and stuck in a stalled career. Set in present day, this section of the show is your standard CBS fare; Nothing too special, but it’ll do. It’s still a shame SNL lost a great asset for this. Moynihan is fine here but could do better with smarter jokes. The fault is in the script, not him.

1) Age 14

Fresh off the summer box office smash IT, Jack Dylan Grazer returns to the past, this time in the 90s and without a killer clown. Young Alex is the highlight of an otherwise average show. Funny and relatable to everyone, Grazer holds your attention.