A Christmas Story LIVE! – Opinion

A Christmas Story LIVE! airs December 17th, 7pm on FOX.

Following up their live production of Grease, FOX brought an adaptation of A Christmas Story to the small screen. Rather than pulling from the 1983 movie that has since become a classic, this television event is heavily inspired by the more recent musical version on Broadway. I’m happy to report that the three-hour show was mostly a success.

Maya Rudolph and Matthew Broderick were great in their roles as the mother and narrator, respectively. But the real “breakout” performance was Jane Krakowski as the school teacher. The star child actor was pretty decent, and audiences will definitely be seeing more of him. I enjoyed seeing Ana Gasteyer take on an original Hanukkah song, although it wasn’t very good.

The broadcast also featured the first ever live commercial for a movie, promoting The Greatest Showman, which is also a musical. Unfortunately, despite being quite the feat, the sound mixing was awful. The film got lots of great press over it though.

Despite being pretty good as far as live TV musicals go, I fear A Christmas Story will be forgotten because it was shoehorned into the schedule at the end of the year. How many people actually tuned in?


7 thoughts on “A Christmas Story LIVE! – Opinion

  1. Worst musical I have ever attempted to watch. Should of kept it as close to the original as possible. I was open minded when I saw this version was coming. Saw the first hour and lost interest five minutes into it. Totally messed the entire show up and ruined it in my opinion. Anyone speaking highly about this show is clearly representing it or is associated with it in some way.

  2. Wishing I was blind and deaf… As far back as I can remember A Christmas Story has been a holiday tradition on our TV . Was SOOOO excited to watch this Live . Even raced home to make sure I didn’t miss a second of it. I should have stayed out. Nothing has EVER been such an inaccurate representation of a classic.

      1. I’m actually a musical theater actress, some of the sound was mixed poorly, but I think in comparison to the other live musicals they’ve done on tv, it was pretty good. Also, the acting – with the adults they had people who are actually musical theater actors and who have experience doing live shows. As opposed to capitalizing on pop singers who don’t actually know what it is like to act and sing while telling a story. No, it wasn’t Tony Award winning or anything like that, but it was entertaining and I think the actors did a good job.

  3. A good show. The songs weren’t great, and I wasn’t wild about the actor playing Ralphie, but most (nearly all?) people who are dissing it mistakenly believe it is a “remake” of the film. It, of course, is not; it’s the musical production performed live. I enjoyed it.

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