Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert – Opinion

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert airs April 1st, 8pm on NBC.

The 1971 musical Jesus Christ Superstar opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway. It was an instant smash hit, spawning a 1973 blockbuster movie and catapulting its soundtrack to #1 on the charts. The production follows the last six days of Jesus’ life. If you’re looking for some quality programming this Easter Sunday, I’d recommend tuning in to this live two and a half hour broadcast.

If the story doesn’t interest you, the cast might be a big draw. John Legend will be taking on the role of Jesus, while Sara Bareilles will be portraying Mary. Both performers are insanely talented and are sure to make the night worth watching.

So how does this event differ from past NBC musicals? Well, Jesus Christ Superstar is a “rock opera,” meaning that unlike, say, The Sound of Music Live, the entire show is spoken in song. There isn’t a line that isn’t a lyric. Sounds thrilling, and they’re broadcasting it from right here in Brooklyn, New York!