The Last O.G.: Season 1 – Review

The Last O.G. premieres April 3rd on TBS.

By Chris Flanagan

With names like Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish, I expected a better effort from this TBS comedy. As of late, TBS has rolled out several comedies that have proven hilarious, albeit not very well known, (The Detour, Wrecked) and The Last O.G. looks well on its way to join its ranks in television obscurity.

The Last O.G. follows Morgan’s Tray, an ex-con who has just been released from prison after 15 years, seeking a more redemptive path with his new freedom. Upon his return to his old neighborhood he is in disbelief with all that he’s missed. It’s during this reorientation to the world that he discovers his old friends have died, moved away or have moved on including his old flame, Shay (Haddish) leaving Tray in a confused place as to what to do next in life. While the premise might sound like a great avenue for a television show, the reality is once the novelty of it wears thin there is nothing left to keep the viewer hooked and sadly, it wears thin somewhere early on in the first episode.

What remains an unquestionable draw is Tracy Morgan’s comedic ability. He is given many hilarious one-liners or cutdowns throughout the early episodes that help showcase his talent as a star who can single-handedly carry a show. Morgan is at his best when riffing with someone else onscreen and I found myself loving any scene when he and Cedric the Entertainer were together as their chemistry was near perfect. Sadly, that doesn’t keep the show from sagging in many other aspects, most importantly being the draw to return to it on a weekly basis.

The Last O.G. has an interesting story with a perfectly chosen actor in Morgan to bring it to life. He’s supported by a solid cast that helps accentuate his strengths as a comedian while also getting their adequate screentime with jokes or moments that push the narrative, however, at no point did the show offer anything new or exciting where I wanted to keep coming back to it week after week. I would even go so far as to say given this show being seen in a binge-style format would still cause it to grow old and seem one-note very quickly. There are some positives within The Last O.G. but just not enough to make it something where I would recommend it beyond an episode or two. It pains me to write this given my love for Morgan and my want for his success, but I hope there is more for him beyond The Last O.G. because I do not see this show lasting after one season but only time will tell.

I give The Last O.G. a B-.


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