Room for Tea Opening Soon in NYC!

‘Room for Tea’ opens in NYC on August 28

Room for Tea, created by Chaimi Food Studio, and designed by an all-female team, is a tea-themed immersive art pop-up. It will feature 5 main senses and 18 visual highlights inspired by tea culture around the world. The senses include: “Labyrinth of Tea Origin”, “Milk Tea Metropolis”, “Matcha under Cherry Blossom”, “Summer BOBA Court” and “Mint Tea Secret Box”, which represent different tea cultures. Weekly guests from 6 New York hit teashops will treat every visitor to one of their complimentary signature BOBA teas. For those who are interested (and pay more), Room for Tea also offers a 40-minute tea ceremony experience. Every ticket sold will help the organization Trees for the Future ( to plant one tree.

“New York City is built off diversity. Tea should be thought of as more than just a Snapple, but as an ingredient that has the power to bring people together,” says Yaxing Bai, Creative Director of Room for Tea. “It’s more than a drink. It stands for different culture. Every culture has its own adaption here and in NYC we celebrate that. That’s why we created this pop-up.”

Room for Tea will be open through September 22.  Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The pop-up is located at 371 Broadway in Manhattan. General Admission is $23, and the Tea-enthusiastic ticket (including 40-minute tea ceremony experience) is $33. Tickets are available now. Visit for more information.

TV and City will be visiting – stay tuned for our coverage!

Milk Tea Metropolis Rendering