Fuller House: Season 5 Part 1 – Review

Fuller House Season 5 premieres December 6th on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

Oh, my-lanta! Fuller House is coming to an end after giving us a few years of heartfelt nostalgia. It now ends with the fifth and final season, but luckily, we’re getting two parts. The first part has a lot to love about it, and the first nine episodes of the final season truly give us a farewell vibe. It’s difficult for shows to pull that off successfully without seeming too cheesy or they simply try way too hard. The one thing Fuller House has going for itself is that it can be as cheesy, goofy, and silly as it wants. It’s pretty much what its predecessor thrived on.

The first part of the final season doesn’t disappoint in the nostalgia category. In past seasons, they try to slap on the old memories shtick a bit too much but finally, they got it right the last time around! While there is plenty to reminisce about the show it came after, the first nine episodes maintain a healthy balance.

Granted, there are a few plots that we can do without, or I should say, a couple characters we can do without. But since it is the final season, I can see why characters like Matt and Gia have to remain a part of it. But I just don’t care for them much anymore so it was one plot/character arc that I would have preferred not to spend time watching.

Fuller House manages to pull off some epic surprises throughout the first part of the final season. Of course, I won’t tell you what or at which point, but I was relatively shocked. I never expected to have that feeling watching Fuller House but yet, they got me.

All in all, fans of Fuller House will enjoy what the series has to offer in its final season (at least the first part). It’s an emotional, bittersweet farewell that is reminiscent of when the original show ended. Some of us have to relive that sadness once again, but hey, I promise you, this season’s humor will more than makeup for it.

I give the beginning Fuller House‘s fifth season a B-.

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