Elazar’s Weekly Recap: January 1 – 7

This Week: Knicks, Jerrod Carmichael, and more!

Oh no! It’s only the first week of 2023 and I’m already behind on these recap columns. Life sometimes gets in the way of time to write. Hopefully this isn’t an omen for the rest of the year. If this post reads shorter than normal, it’s because I’m breezing through it. I’ve got so many more thoughts to share with you all on the adventures listed below, but alas.

On Sunday, January 1st, my roommate and I ventured a couple of blocks south of our apartment to check out the New-York Historical Society. A few months ago, I had attended the press preview of their exhibit on Jewish Delis, but I hadn’t had time to explore the rest of the space. This visit gave me the opportunity to look at the other floors. I need to give it some more thought, but I think this may be my new favorite museum. The permanent exhibits are awesome, and the temporary ones are great as well. The building’s collection is a testament to and record of the greatest city in the world. Anyone who loves NYC should pay it a visit.

Down the block from NYHS is the Museum of Natural History, and if you happen across that iconic building, it’s near-impossible to not go inside, especially since admission for New Yorkers is pay-what-you-wish. That’s how I spent the rest of the evening chilling under the big blue whale. That room has got to be one of the greatest spots in all of Manhattan.


On Monday night, another friend and I took the subway to City Winery to see Jerrod Carmichael perform standup. The venue had announced this show only a few days before which struck me as odd. Perhaps it was wrong of me to expect an hour of jokes when going to see a comedian, because Carmichael really did not deliver on that front. This was essentially a therapy session for him, where he shit on the Golden Globes (the awards ceremony he’ll be hosting on primetime television come Tuesday) for about 45 minutes, and then went “uh, so I don’t really have anything else to say… I guess that’s it. Thanks for coming.” I never thought this would be a particularly polished hour, as Jerrod just put out a special and must still be crafting his next project. And I’ve seen his stuff, so I knew his style was slow and storyteller-like with a lot of pauses in between bits. Still, this was very disappointing from what it was marketed as, at least in my view. One thing his material did succeed in was getting me interested in watching him host the Globes next week, now that I was in a select and small audience that heard all his gripes with the very organization that hired him.


On Wednesday, I went to my first Knicks game! What a blast. A friend of mine has season tickets and was kind enough to invite me as her +1 for the match. The Knicks beat the San Antonio Spurs in what ended up being a pretty riveting fourth quarter. Madison Square Garden on a basketball night is like nowhere else… I love my Nets, but there’s no question that Barclays Center will always be New York’s number two.


M3GAN is now out in theaters, and you best believe I was there on Thursday opening night. The titular killer doll is “camp (noun).” To quote Wendy Williams, “she’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment.” This horror (I use that term loosely because the film is not actually scary) romp is loads of fun and worth seeing with an audience for the reactions. Some truly wild moments. What a start to 2023 cinema!

On Friday morning I caught a press screening of When You Finish Saving the World, Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut releasing later this month. I’ll share a full review closer to its premiere. On Saturday night, I hopped on a plane to Denver, Colorado, which is one of the reasons I’m behind on this post. Can’t wait to share those out-of-state adventures here next week!

Other things I watched this week:

  • Casablanca – Still working through my HBO Max watchlist from A to Z, and we’ve officially hit the Cs portion. I won’t lie, I couldn’t recap this movie to you if you held a gun to my head. I tried to get into but I do not get how this is supposedly one of the best movies ever made.
  • The Pale Blue Eye – Decent mystery flick, especially if you’re a fan of Edgar Allen Poe. Read my full review HERE.
  • Citizen Kane – The one-two punch of Casablanca followed by Citizen Kane was just too much for me. This was definitely better than Casablanca and I appreciated the filmmaking, but still lost interest about halfway through.
  • Heartstopper Season 1 – Binged this really quickly on my flight. Super cute and charming, no complaints. Not sure it needs a second season.
  • Hunters Season 2 – The long awaited (by me at least) conclusion to that Logan Lerman and Al Pacino Nazi hunter show from years ago. I’ll have a full review up ahead of its start this weekend.
  • Velma Season 1 – Don’t want to say too much about this one either because I’ll have a full review written up soon, but I really wish HBO Max had sent critics the final two episodes because I’m invested in where the mystery is going!